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ADD/ADHD SNAP-IV Rating Scale Suspect your child has an attention disorder? Try this questionaire.

ADD Made Simple: A Manual for Those with a Short Attention Span Lengthy and informative chapters of the book by the same title. Very comprehensive.

Teaching Tips: How to Deal with an ADHD Student

ADHD Building Academic Success A basic educational brief by the Appalachian Educational Laboratory which also contains some practical information on teaching students with ADHD.

Learning, Language and Attention Problems in Adolescence Overview of potential issues of the teenager with ADD/ADHD and how to help the child manage his or her special needs.

Teaching Children With ADHD More teaching tips.

Checklist for Teachers Sandra Rief offers guidance for getting and maintaining the child's attention during lessons.

ADD/ADHD Tips for Teaching

 Using Technology to Help Your ADD/ADHD Child Learn Suggestions on how to help the child with ADD/ADHD learn to spell.

 Back In Control is a ruled-based (rather than reward/punishment) system of behavior modification that does not depend on the child's desire to comply, but rather teaches the parent how to retain or regain control of situations where the child is not behaving appropriately.

 Establishing Home Routines Predictable routines help children with a variety of disabilities learn better. This article provides suggestions on how to go about establishing routines in everyday life. Especially important for homeschooling families.

 Features of Good Learning Strategies An overview of the common characteristics of effective and efficient learning strategies.

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