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Autism and Intellectual Impairment
Using TEACCH At Home" This set of documents makes Applied Behavior Analysis user-friendly. Includes printable curriculum plans and detailed instructions.

Prompt Hierarchy and Stimulus Control FAQ Explains how to use prompts to help your child learn best. Learn about what stimulus control is, how to get it and why learning is more productive when you have it.

Division TEACCH: Structured Teaching "To effectively teach autistic students a teacher must provide structure, i.e., set up the classroom so that students understand where to be, what to do, and how to do it, all as independently as possible."--TEACCH

Structuring For Success: Groups Ideas For Preschool and Primary Classrooms Including Students With Autism Homeschoolers could use this information to help their children with autism participate more fully in group situations.

Applying Structured Teaching Principles To Toilet Training Assessment, task analysis, printable pictorial teaching chart and troubleshooting tips. Excellent and thorough information.

Communication Incentives For People With Autism Learn to build environments that encourage and support the communication efforts of children with autism.

Building Communication Around Routines Learn how to teach communication skills to children with autism using daily routines.

Social Skills Why social skills are important and how to write a program to teach social skills to your student. From the Syracuse Community-Referenced Curriculum.

Establishing Home Routines Predictable routines help children with a variety of disabilities learn better. This article provides suggestions on how to go about establishing routines in everyday life. Especially important for homeschooling families.

 Activity Checklist An activity checklist designed to evaluate the functioning level of children with multiple or severe disabilities.

 Learning Styles and Autism

Self-Injurious Behavior A discussion of the functions that various behaviors can serve. Not just for self-injurious behaviors.

 Physical Exercise and Autism Exercise on a regular basis can reduce stereotypical autistic behaviors. I've noticed this personally with my own son who has Fragile X Syndrome and autism. He is much more receptive to new situations and is less withdrawn generally after he has spent a little time on the treadmill.

 Two Popular Auditory Tutorial Programs Information on Fast ForWord and Earobics.

 Sensory Integration A very good article on sensory integration, what it is, suggestions on improving it.

 Vision Therapy: A Beneficial Intervention for Developmental Disabilities Good explanatory article on vision therapy--what it is, where to go for help.

 Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism Temple Grandin gives practical tips on how to successfully teach people with autism. Much of this could also apply to teaching people with other developmental disabilities.

Features of Good Learning Strategies An overview of the common characteristics of effective and efficient learning strategies.

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