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Last updated February 3, 2000 4:01 p.m. EST

The books on this page all have characters with Down Syndrome. If you would like more information on any of these books, or to order, click on the book title. To suggest a book that would fit into this category email me.  Happy reading!

Carter, Alden R., Carter, Carol (Illustrator), and Young, Dan (Illustrator).Big Brother Dustin . For ages 5 to 8. From School Library Journal: "Dustin, a boy with Down Syndrome, is excited when his parents tell him he will have a new baby sister after the New Year. He eagerly helps his parents ready the nursery and makes a visit to the local hospital to learn about the care of babies. He is also responsible for picking the perfect name for his new sister. This charming introduction to the topic is illustrated with colorful, full-color photographs that capture the everydayworld and experiences of young children...The book is crisply organized with an easy-to-read text and an appealing snapshot album at the end with pictures of Dustin and MaryAnn as she begins to grow."

Dwight, Laura. We Can Do It . For ages 5 to 8. From Booklist: "In a series of individual photo-essays a number of children around five years old with various disabilities--cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Down syndrome, blindness--are shown with families and friends, teachers and therapists, at school and at play. The bright, informal color photographs are full of action and vitality, and the brief, first-person narratives are upbeat. "I can do lots of things," say these smiling, beautiful kids of various races--and they can. They are shown doing what makes them special ("The kids want to know about my wheelchair." "Last year I had an operation to help me  walk." "This is my chair; my name is on it in Braille") and also what makes them like kids everywhere (having a pillow fight, playing with a computer, helping a younger sibling). This is a book for disabled  kids and their families and also for all classrooms where kids worry and wonder about being different."

Fitzgerald, John, Posey, Pam, and Fitzgerald, Lyn.  Barnaby's Birthday . For ages 5-8. Barnaby, a child with Down Syndrome, celebrates his birthday at a party with his friends.

Fleming, Virginia, Cooper, Floyd (Illlustrator).  Be Good To Eddie Lee . For ages 5 to 8. From Horn Book, Inc.: "A boy with Down syndrome eventually wins the respect of two reluctant children by leading them  to special places in the woods near their homes. The gentle, carefully wrought tale both directly and allegorically conveys appreciation of differences."

Testa, Maria, Paterson, Diane (Illustrator). Thumbs Up Rico  For ages 8 to 12. From Booklist: "A three-chapter story narrated by a young boy with Down syndrome. In the first chapter, Rico really likes the way Caesar plays basketball, but Caesar will have nothing to do with him and   calls him ``dummy'' the first time they meet. Their friendship unfolds as Caesar realizes that Rico plays on a team, something he would like to do himself. Next, Rico struggles with his sister's wish to go to her friend's birthday party rather than to his big play-off game. Finally, he overcomes his feelings of artistic inadequacy. After seeking help and advice from his father, mother, sister, and friends, he finds the resources within himself to improve his drawing ability. The boy's emotional growth is well developed in the simple but realistic episodes. Watercolor illustrations bring the        characters to life. Their facial expressions are depicted honestly, adding to readers' overall understanding of the story."

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