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Last updated February 3, 2000 4:05 p.m. EST

This page has books with characters who are intellectually disabled, excluding those with  Down Syndrome.  If you would like more information on any of these books, or to order, click on the book title. To suggest a book that would fit into this category email me.  Happy reading!

Welch, Sheila Kelly. Don't Call Me Marda. For ages 9 to 12. From School Library Journal: " Marsha O'Dell, 11, has been looking forward to the new younger sister her parents are planning to adopt. In addition to having fun with her, she hopes to teach her sister to ride the beloved pony that is now too small for her so she won't have to sell it. Marsha's imaginings are   threatened when she realizes that her parents are considering adopting a mentally handicapped child, and her fears are realized when Wendy actually arrives. Disruption at home and teasing from schoolmates become regular occurrences, but it is Marsha's own doing that causes one of the worst incidents, and, in time, a turning point. There are no easy solutions here, and the story concludes on a positive note with Wendy's birthday offerings to Marsha--a painstakingly decorated cake and a hard-practiced ability to pronounce Marsha's name correctly. Welch provides information on the characteristics of what she calls developmentally delayed children and presents a  realistic portrayal of foster life and of the adoption process itself. Although the story is flawed by occasional lapses into stilted language, Marsha's emotions and reactions are typical and understandable. Pleasing black-and-white drawings appear throughout the story."

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