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The Bookstore
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I love books--picture books, poetry, prose, or non-fiction; if it's a book, I'll probably pick it up and read it! Books let you visit anywhere in the world without leaving home. They let you get inside someone else's head. They teach lessons that would be difficult to teach and learn any other way. Books are great!

I've always wanted to open a bookstore in real life, but being a homeschooling mom is enough of a job right now. So, I decided to open a virtual bookstore in connection with this site. My aim is that this bookstore will provide you with quality books that won't break the bank. Since moving to rural New Hampshire, Barnes and Noble has become my favorite place to shop for books. They have fast, reliable service, several shipping options (important if you get your mail at a box half a mile down the road like I do!), and reasonable prices. They also have a great selection of both new and used books. I can usually find whatever I'm looking for. I hope you're able to as well. Happy reading!

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