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Data Collection and Assessment
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Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Plans People with disabilities often have behavior problems that get in the way of the learning process. This section will help you find out what your child is trying to tell you through his or her acting out and what you can do to help your child learn more appropriate ways to communicate his or her needs.

Self-Injurious Behavior A discussion of the functions that various behaviors can serve. Not just for self-injurious behaviors, but also can apply to other acting-out behaviors..

Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate This very comprehensive article will help you understand the tests and evaluations used to assess a child with LD, as well as how to use evaluation data to create a good educational program.

 Using Functional Assessments and Behavioral Intervention Plans Describes the use of functional assessments and the use of behavior intervention plans.

 Introduction to Functional Assessment and Behavioral Intervention Plans Aimed at the IEP team, but can be adapted to home use. Gives a good overview of functional assessment and behavioral intervention plans.

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