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 March 1999 Daily Links

March 22, 1999:   How To Teach ADD/ADHD Children   Teaching tips from a homeschooling mom who has a son with ADHD.

March 23, 1999:  I REALLY Mean It This Time--Parenting Special Needs Children Offers discipline tips.

March 24, 1999: The Children's Art Gallery

March 26, 1999:  Resources of Parents and Teachers of Blind Kids

March 27, 1999:   Katie Beckett Medical Program Information  This medical program for kids with disabilities is available in many states, although it may go by a different name. This Wisconsin website has the most detailed information on the program that I've found on the web. Check with your state's Family Support office for individualized information regarding your area.

March 28, 1999: B-Eye: The Gallery. See how the world looks through the eye of a bee.

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