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Functional Behavioral Assessment
and the
Behavioral Intervention Plan
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 Introduction to Functional Behavioral Assessment A very thorough intro by J. Miller of Dubuque University.

 Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Plans: A GuideA concise introduction to behavioral assessments and intervention plans written by the National School Social Worker Association.

 Addressing Student Problem Behavior: Introduction to Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Plans Prepared by the Center for Effective Coillaboration and Practice, this guide is excellent. If you read nothing else on this subject, read this document.

 Blank Functional Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan FormsForms you can use to carry out your own behavioral assessment and create your own intervention plan. You will  need the Acrobat Reader to view these forms.

 Examples of Completed Functional Behavior Assessment and Intervention Plan FormsYou will need the Acrobat Reader to view these forms.

 Motivation Assessment Scale This is a free service offered to teachers, psychologists, parents and others who work with people who have behaviors that get in the way of learning. You can fill out the form online and the people at MAS will suggest some possible interventions you can try to teach your child how to communicate his or her needs in a more appropriate way.

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