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   DeafWatch Homepage
   Captioned Media Program
   Basic Dictionary of American Sign Language Terms
   Animated Sign Language Dictionary
Homeschool and Education Search Engines
   Homeschool FindIt Virtual Library
   Education Resource Index (search by subject)
   Awesome Library K12 Educational Directory
   Education World
   The Learning Web
Learning Disabilities
   The Disabling of Labeling: A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding and Helping Children with LD
   Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (free)
   LD Online
   Simplified Learning by Joyce Herzog
   Gifted and Learning Disabled: Twice Exceptional
   Troubleshooting Learning Problems
   Reading Methods and LD
   How Children Learn to Read
   Features of Good Learning Strategies
   What Teachers Can Do About LD
   Adapting Math Instruction
   Strategies for Building Word Attack Skills
   Using Children's Literature to Teach Social Skills
   Interventions for Dyslexia
   Multisensory Approach to Spelling
   Dealing with Dysgraphia
   Math Learning Disabilities
   DOs and DONTs for Fostering Social Competence
   Homeschooling the Child with Nonverbal LD
   Teaching Organizational and Study Skills
   10 Tips for Developing Good Organizational Skills
   Developing Fluency with Basic Number Facts
   Teaching Tolerance of Annoyances and Distractions
Legal Assistance
   RightToEd.Com (your link to disability service providers near you)
   Council of Parents Attorneys and Advocates
   Law Crawler (State and National legal information search engine, including disability and special education law)
Medical Information
   Katie Beckett Medical Program Information (check with your state's Family Support office for information outside of Wisconsin)
Montessori Method
   Practical Life Activities
   Math Activities
   Language Development Activities
   Sensorial-Motor Development
   Montessori Homeschooling
   Montessori-Renaissance Parenting Q&As
   Montessori Learning Environment at Home
   Montessori Teaching and Teacher Training
   Montessori: The Rebirth of a Legend
   Montessori Information for Homeschoolers
   Swiss Homeschoolers Using the Montessori Method
Newsletters and Magazines
   At Our Own Pace (free newsletter)
   Homeschool Fun Online Magazine (free)
   Eclectic Homeschool Online Magazine (free)
Online Books and Libraries
   Library In the Sky (over 6500 links to educational resources)
   The Internet Public Library
   World Wide School Library
   National Library of Education
   The Library Card
   Bartleby Library: Great Books Online
   Bibliolinks for Bibliophiles
   On-Line Books
   Parenting Special Needs (at
   National Parent Network on Disabilities
Prompt Hierarchy FAQ
   ED Pubs Online Ordering System
   Behavior Research and Therapy
   Child Development
   Learning and Motivation
   Research in Developmental Disabilities
   Index of Psychological and Social Science Journals
   Annotated Bibliography of Educational Journals
   Exceptional Parent Magazine Online
   Speech and Language Therapy in Practice
   American Student Travel (special travel  program for homeschoolers)
   Homeschool Penpals
   Therapeutic Riding and Handicapped Riding Programs
   Global Access (disability accessible travel)
Sensory Integration
   What Is Sensory Integration?
   Sensory Integration Dysfunction: the Misunderstood, Misdiagnosed and Unseen Disability
   Sensory Integration Observation Guide Level 1: 0-12 months scale
   The Tactile Defensive Child
   What Parents Can Do To Promote Sensory Integration
Similar Sites
   Bearable Times Kids and Teens Club
   Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child
   Islamic Educational Resources and Homeschooling Children with Special Needs
   Homeschooling Special Needs
   General Resources (regular and special needs homeschool information)
   M&M Software Catalog
   Arcamax Software (you pay postage only)
   Mother Goose Rebus Rhymes Software
   KD PC: StartWrite for children learning to print (free demo)
   PEP: Parent's, Educators and Publishers  educational software
   Mrs. ABC's Spelling and Vocabulary Software
   Orton Gillingham Dyslexia Software
   Laureate Computer Software
Speech and Language
   Q & A About Articulation Problems
   Pragmatic Language Tips
   Top Tips for Teaching Speech/Language (winter 1999)
   Speech Therapy Activities (lots of free activities to promote speech and language aquisition)
   Speech Sound Aquisition in Children
   Free Ideas for Teaching Speech and Language
   Oral-Motor Myths of Down Syndrome
   Horns as Therapy Tools
   Straws as Therapy Tools
   Quia! Speech Activities
   Speech and Language Idea Exchange
Stimulus Control FAQ
Support Information
   E-mail Lists
   Online Message Boards
   Offline Support
   Reading and Language Arts
   Science Under Construction
   Teaching Spelling
   Social Studies
   Music Under Construction
   ABCs of Government, Special Ed. and Advocacy
   Glossary of Commonly Used Acronyms
   Glossary of Acronyms
   Dictionary of Special Education Terms
Transition Information
   Transition Handbook
   The Transitional IEP
   Functional Vocational Evaluation
   Sample Transition Plans
   Disability-Friendly Colleges
   SAT and ACT Test Accommodations
   Transition From School to Work and Community
   Options After High School
   Transitioning From the World of School to the World of Work (by Temple Grandin)
Umbrella Schools Offering IEPs
   Clonlara School
   The Essential Learning Institute
   National Academy of  Child Development
   Hewitt Child Development
   Gentle Teaching: A Non-Aversive Approach
   Hanen Early Language
   Montessori for the Earth and in the Home
   Option Institute
   The Hadley School for the Blind (free)
   Special Kids Learning Resource Network (videos for children with autism)
Vision Impairment
   Resources for Parents and Teachers of Blind Kids
   Six Friends: Families Living with Visual Impairment
   The Hadley School for the Blind