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Homeschooling A Child With A Disability?!
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Eventually there will come a day (if it hasn't already) when someone (or you) questions your sanity for chosing to homeschool any child, let alone a child who has a (gasp!) disability.

After all isn't there special education to do that kind of thing??? Do you really think it's wise to keep her home all day long? I mean, what about socialization? What about your sanity? You don't know anything about teaching. You're not a professional. Do you really want to risk your child's future by teaching him yourself? Are you out of your mind?!

And on and on it goes. Ultimately, as you already know, homeschooling is a personal decision that should be based in what is best for your child as a whole person. Homeschooling is a lifestyle that not everyone wants to do with a regular child and no way would even consider for a child with a disability. And that's a good thing, really. The last thing anybody, child or adult, needs is to be in a situation they really dislike with a passion. But, for all you who do decide or have decided that homeschooling is for you and your family, please read on. You are the people this site is created for.

 Learning Disabled and Gifted: A Homeschool Perspective

 Homeschooling LD/ADD Children

 Homeschooling and Students in Special Education: Sorting Out the Options for ParentsA look at several homeschooling methods used around the country.

 Homeschooling the Child with NonVerbal Learning Disability Information to help you discover if homeschooling your child with a learning disability is for you (and your child.)

 Homeschooling Fact Sheet From the Learning Disabilities Association of America. Answers the basic questions asked by people considering homeschooling for their child with LD.

 Ten Tips for Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child

 Homeschooling: Great Idea or Big Mistake? This is Chapter 10 from the book The LD Child and the ADHD Child: Ways Parents and Professionals Can Help, by Suzanne H. Stevens.

 Homeschooling the Gifted Child Applicable to any child with a disability.

Positive Reinforcement Tutorial: A Self-Instructional Program for Parents

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