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Free Online Homeschool Helps

The HKWD website has been streamlined. Please go to the index page for current site contents. This page will not be updated after February 3, 2000. Please adjust bookmarks accordingly.
All of the information here is online and free for the taking.

Administrative Blank Forms  This is where you will find the record-keeping and curriculum planning forms.

Blank Forms for Use in Teaching  This is where you will find things like graph paper, hundreds board, geoboard paper and timeline sheets.

Free Online Worksheets

Free Online Lesson Plans  To save you some time, I will only list sites that offer free, good quality lesson plans.

Free Online Unit Studies

If you are looking for general information about homeschooling, try the Homeschool Find-It Virtual Library Search Engine . To search on a specific subject, try the  StudyWeb Search Engine .

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