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Learning Disabilities
LD Online has volumes of information on teaching students with learning disabilities. This is one site you'll want to bookmark and visit often.

Joyce Herzog is a speech and language therapist with a website that offers hints on how to teach your children, as well as the Scaredy Cat Reading program.

 Establishing Home Routines Predictable routines help children with a variety of disabilities learn better. This article provides suggestions on how to go about establishing routines in everyday life. Especially important for homeschooling families.

 Gifted and Learning Disabled: Twice Exceptional Students Considerations for developing an educational program for a child who is gifted but also has LD.

 Troubleshooting Learning Problems Hints on solving specific learning problems. By Joyce Herzog, SLP.

 Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate This very comprehensive article will help you understand the tests and evaluations used to assess a child with LD, as well as how to use evaluation data to create a good educational program.

 Reading Methods and Learning Disabilities

 How Children Learn to Read

Features of Good Learning Strategies An overview of the common characteristics of effective and efficient learning strategies.

 What Teachers Can Do About Learning Disabilities

  Adapting Mathematics Instruction

 Strategy Instruction for Problem-Solving Unknown Words Several strategies for building word-attack skills.

 Friendship and Stories Using children's literature to teach friendship skills to children with LD.

 Interventions for Children with Dyslexia

 Five Guidelines for Learning to Spell and Six Ways to Practice Spelling This multisensory practice teaches strategies for learning to spell and remembering it later.

Strategies for Dealing With Dysgraphia Issues that can interfere with the writing process and what to do about it.

Math Learning Disabilities This article breaks math difficulties down into different types and provides ways to help students overcome difficulties in math.

 DOs and DONTs for Fostering Social Competence Specific techniques for you to use to encourage the development of your child's social skills.

Homeschooling the Child with NonVerbal Learning Disability Information to help you discover if homeschooling your child with a learning disability is for you (and your child.)

 Helping Your Child With Organization and Study Skills
 10 Tips for Developing Good Organizational Skills

 Developing Fluency With Basic Number Facts

10 Tips for Software Selection for Math Instruction

Teaching Tolerance Learn to teach children with learning disabilities to tolerate annoyances and ignore distractions.

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