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Schools and Organizations
That Write IEPs for Homeschoolers

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The information provided on this page is for educational purposes only. I do not specifically endorse the schools or programs listed on this page. The only one I have worked with personally is Clonlara. Please do your homework before signing up.

 Clonlara School will take care off all interaction between the school district and you. They offer family rates, transcripts, diplomas, a support teacher for your family and an online high school. Although not specifically designed for students with disabilities, the Clonlara curriculum is flexible enough to be adapted to suit your student.

 The Essential Learning Institute offers a complete homeschool package for children with learning disabilities, including assessment, curriculum and support.

 National Academy of Child Development designs homeschool programs for children with virtually any disability. The website has articles, a forum, research briefs and   informational packets to download

Hewitt Child Development Center offers programs for children, with and without special educational needs, from ages birth through 12th grade. Call or write for a free catalog. P.O. Box 9 Washougal, WA 98761-0009. (206) 835-8708 or (800) 348-1750.

 Gentle Teaching: A Non-Aversive Approach to "helping people with disabilities and the sometimes challenging behaviors that go with them." It is based on the psychology of interdependence and focuses on the person feeling safe, engaged and unconditionally valued.

 Hanen Early Language Program provides early language intervention for children with language delays. Parent training is available so that you can implement this program at home.

 Option Institute Learn how to teach and reach your child by following his or her lead. The creators of this program used it to help their son with autism and have written several booksabout their experiences.

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