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Transition to Adulthood

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Transition Handbook: From School to the Adult Community Written for people living in Contra Costa County, California, this handbook offers lots of transition specifics for that area, but also provides some general information about transition for people who live elsewhere.

The Transitional IEP A very good article explaning transition, different steps along the way and when to take them. Links to other transition resources.

Identification of Needs and the Functional Vocational Evaluation Explains the details about why and when a functional vocational evaluation should be done as part of the transition process.

Sample Transition Plans Find out what a good transition plan looks like.

Disability-Friendly Colleges An excellent article from New Mobility magazine. Well worth a look if your child is even considering going to college.

SAT and ACT Test Accommodations for Students with LD An LDOnline article summarizing how these college entrance tests can be modified.

Facts About Transition from School to Work and Community Life An overview of transition produced by The Arc.

Options After High School for Youth with Disabilities A 28-page document detailing post-secondary options for youth with disabilities by NICHCY.

 Making the Transition from the World of School into the World of Work Temple Grandin shares her experiences and insights into how a person with autism can make the transition into the work world. This can also apply to other disabilities, not just autism.

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