General Homeschool Helps
There are a lot of very good websites about homeschooling in general. You can find just about anything having to do with general homeschooling, as well as quite a few specifics, using the Homeschool Find-It Virtual LibrarySearch Engine . To search on a specific subject, try the  StudyWeb Search Engine .

I've decided to focus this page on things you can download and use so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you need something. If you've found something great on the web, please let me know the URL and I'll include it on this page. To open and read the documents with ".pdf" at the end of the URL you will need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

 Weekly Planner

 Daily Schedule Planner

 Credit Time Sheet

 Fieldtrip Plans Worksheet This is available only in MS Word 97 format.

 Gradebook Sheet This is available only in MS Word 97 format.

 Reading Record List

 Attendance Record Sheet

 Dot Paper 10 x 10 GeoBoard Paper

 Hundred Board

 24 x 32 Graph Paper

 Poetry Evaluation Chart

 Blank Timeline Sheet

 16th Century Paper Dolls


 101 Reading Worksheets

 RHL School Free Worksheets and More

 Internet Educational Workbook

 Neuroscience Worksheets for Kids

 Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Plan Form

 Examples of Completed Functional Behavioral Assessments. Read about Functional Behavior Assessment here.

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